is the FHB and FHU range of Dual and Single Axis, In-Place Inclinometers which provide the same Precision, Repeatabilty and Temperature Stability of the DHBY/X Range but in a format for easy inclusion in a wide range of Tilt

Measurement Systems.

NEW Production Facility nears completion

Following the very successful Launch of the NEW FHB and FHU  In-Place Inclinometers at the Sensors & Instrumentation Show in September, RODAR’s New Production Facility for these New In-Place Inclinometers is nearing completion.

Located alongside the Existing Production Line at RODAR’s Engineering Base near Southam in Warwickshire, New Facilities have been installed to enable Temperature Calibration of the New Inclinometers and new Vacuum Pumps have been included to ensure that no minute Bubbles of Air are left in the Suspension Damping Fluid that surrounds the Seismic Mass.

Production Manager, John Johnson commented “It is very exciting to see the New Facilities taking shape as RODAR expands its Product Range for 2017”