DHBX/Y, Dual Axis Precision Inclinometer for inclusion within an Inclinometer Torpedo for Bore Hole Deviation Surveying

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DHU Single Axis Precision Inclinometer

Welcome to RODAR

RODAR Ltd is a UK based manufacturer of very High Precision, Force Balanced, Single and Dual Axis Inclinometers.

A standard range of Inclinometers is available for a wide range of applications including

Geotechnical Instrumentation, Bore Hole

Deviation Surveying, Bridge Deflection Monitoring, Precision Platform Levelling, Dam and Levee Monitoring and Civil Engineering & Seismic Analysis or indeed anywhere that reliable, highly accurate Tilt and Inclination Measurement is needed.

RODAR is also very happy to provide custom

solutions to specific customer requirements to suit

a particular application. These can be based around standard product or can be bespoke designs.