All of RODAR’s Inclinometers are Gravity

Referenced Transducers utilising the well

established Servo-Accelerometer principle of a Pendulous Mass attached to a Torque Balanced, Fluid Damped System. As the Transducer is tilted, the Seismic Mass attempts to move in the direction of Gravity. Positional Sensors in the Body of the Accelerometer produce an Error Signal Input to a Servo Amplifier. The Servo Amplifier drives a Current through the Torque Motor to restore the Seismic Mass to its original “Null” position. The Magnitude of this Current is proportional to the Sine of the Angle of Tilt and the Polarity of this Infinitely Variable Output is dependent upon the Direction of Tilt.

All of our Inclinometers operate from a single

unregulated DC Supply from 5.5-35V with extremely low Current Consumption of just 5mA or less.

The entire range incorporates Temperature

Compensation to provide Highly Stable Outputs over a very wide Temperature Range.

For over 25 years RODAR has been

manufacturing High Precision, Dual

and Single Axis Inclinometers for the demanding Environment of

Geotechnical Instrumentation, and

particularly for inclusion within an

Inclinometer Torpedo for Bore Hole Deviation Surveying.


is the FHB and FHU range of Dual and Single Axis, In-Place Inclinometers which provide the same Precision, Repeatabilty and Temperature Stability of the DHBY/X Range but in a format for easy inclusion in a wide range of Tilt

Measurement Systems.


A Dual Axis boxed Inclinometer by RODAR LTD